Tinted car: necessary and sufficient

On Russian roads rides a huge number of cars. Among them are tinted, which through the glass almost nothing is visible, and the so-called “aquarium”, which is fully visible. Which option is preferable – is difficult to answer. However, the toning deserves to dwell on it in more detail and consider its pros and cons.

Believe it or not, — but a car with tinted Windows rarely steal, steal and draw a different kind of Scam. Surely each of you heard about the jams on the roads. Cars with tinted rarely come to the attention of the crooks; they try to avoid them, “do not contact”. This is evidenced by the statistics of theft and staged accidents, and workers police know this.

Tinted car is a hint of status, a kind of testimony of luxury. It is not surprising that the Parking lots for cars with tinted glass encroach much less. Theft of personal belongings from the car with the tinted – a rarity, as well as robbery. In particular, if the car is new and expensive.

A few words about the drivers are women. They are much more vulnerable on the roads than motorists-men. And for them tinted glass is a kind of protection against robbery, initiated by those who believe that the weaker sex will not be able to provide decent resistance.

Now let’s talk about the economy. Tinted car is a serious protecting its interior from fading. And, in addition, in the winter plays the role of insulation, and in the summer of conditioning. In other words, the tint helps to create the climate in the cabin. This means that you can use air conditioning and furnace in Saddam mode. For a car it means, first of all, fuel economy. What happens if tinted glass to throw the stone? Yes, okay, it’s triplex, and all the pieces remain on the film.

Many people believe that because of the tinting glass overview of the vehicle deteriorates. Actually, it is not true. The review may only worsen in the event of sticking of the film with absolute absorption. But this is, firstly, irrational, and secondly, is prohibited by law.

Motorists love to joke on the subject of toning, claiming that the car with the darkened glasses – easy prey for the inspectors of traffic police. And again the error, as it may seem strange that the cops today are rarely stops a car with tinted glass, preferring slow “aquariums”. Why this happens is difficult to answer; however, this trend should adopt.

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