The safest cars in the world

It is important to know what makes a car safe, and what place it is considered the most secure. There is a ranking of the cars made on such an important indicator as security.

What makes a car safe?

It is known that the most important factor “four-wheeled vehicles” – his safety. Define what makes a car safe. Firstly, it affects the class and weight. Than the class of the car above and more than its weight, so it is safer. Wearing the riders in a powerful car at impact will have a relatively smaller overload. Life itself and numerous crash tests confirm this fact. It is safe to say that a full-sized SUV and heavy sedan Executive among passenger cars are tangible benefit.

The safety car checked by means of crash tests

The safety car also depends on the age of its design. So modern body equipped with a special force elements capable of in the process of blow gently to absorb the energy of impact and speed. “Cage” of beauty is there riders in modern design creates the most durable because of the materials – high strength steel. The elements of such “cells” even under extremely high loads remain necessary for the beauty of people’s living space.

Safer the car whose chassis as well-designed. This is due to the ability to stabilize the machine after the maneuver or slow down at the right moment. Every single detail is important – the ability to auto accept maneuver, precision steering, Walcott, weight, resistance, stiffness of the suspension, the location of the center of gravity, the tendency to demolitions, configuration control electronics.

The seat belts in cars often save lives

Increase the security of additional options auto. In addition to the systems that control the dynamics, here is a good diode or xenon light, Electrophotography Windows and mirrors and headlight washers. As this system video review, monitoring of “dead zones” and road signs.

What place in the car is the safest?

The rating safe cars

In the U.S. the ranking of the most reliable cars is dominated by Japanese brands
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The safest cars in the world
It is important to know what makes a car safe, and what place it is…

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