The illuminated area of the door with the logo of the brand of car!

Warranty – 1 year!

Led backlight zone doors for Ford cars. Mazda. Hyundai and Mitsubishi sets our partner, authorised dealer, LLC “Rolf Khimki” .


Installing on new cars and used cars.

Our products include led the American company Cree, which distinguishes our products from other proposals.

The Company Cree Inc. was founded in 1987 in the state of North Carolina (USA). The main direction of the company was and remains to this day the development and production of semiconductor materials based on silicon carbide ( SiC ). In the early 90-ies the company began intensive research in the field of light-emitting structures of gallium nitride ( GaN ) and solid solutions based on SiC substrates. Due to the unique production technology of semiconductor materials based on SiC, products CREE has the highest reliability and unattainable for competitors electric characteristics, which makes possible its application in domestic and industrial, military and space equipment.

Today, the company Cree is the world leader in the production of single crystals of silicon carbide and has a leading position as a manufacturer of semiconductor devices based on SiC and GaN on SiC substrates.

Use in the manufacture of LEDs firm Cree gives us confidence to guarantee our products for 1 year !

The backlight on other brands of cars ask our managers!

The illuminated area of the door with the logo Akura Series Premium

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