Polishing car body

The influence of the environment over time leads to the destruction of the upper layer coating the body of the car. In order to increase the service life of the paint coating should accurately polishing car body.

The main goal of polishing of the car is to restore the original gloss of the coating.

Polishing machine body creates a protective barrier, which is a barrier to harmful factors, prevents the development of oxidation processes and chemical destruction of the top layer of enamel.

Polishing body gives you the opportunity to get rid of microcracks, various reliefs on the body surface and other defects, notice that the naked eye is almost impossible.

Technology polishing body provides for several stages.

First, the surface is cleaned of old paint. This process is performed using mallarino skins.

Next is a restorative polishing, which is done using abrasive pastes. At this stage of the work are removed minor scratches and cracks on the surface of the object.

The last step works is protective polishing. After performing all these activities, the car gets a great look.

It should also be emphasized that in the case of a new car, you need to use a Polish that does not have in its composition of abrasive particles, such as cars, as a rule, should not have cracks and scratches on the body. Use polishes with abrasive particles in this case may only spoil the body.

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