Polishing body

Polishing body is divided into several types.

Restorative polishing

The purpose of polishing is to restore the Shine of the paint and the original varnish, during which time ownership of a car is exposed to various external factors.

Factors affecting the paint – from mechanical influences such as dust and dirt, then paint chemical attack of corrosive chemicals. The Polish on the car burns out naturally under the influence of solar radiation.

Restorative polished using abrasives 3M, takes place in three stages, during which polishing machines with special nozzles is sequentially processed by the surface paint and varnish covering of a body. We use quality abrasive materials with different grain sizes, from coarser to a more soft. The varnish layer is mainly 35-45 microns total thickness of the paint factory coating after polishing abrasive is removed 2-3 microns.

In the polishing process removes minor scratches, clouding varnish, wear, layering of chemical substances, as well as lacquer dust arising after coloring body parts in the spray booth. The body of the car and its paint coating becomes elegant Shine.

Period of operation for restoring the paintwork is not inferior to the factory, but our experts recommend the use of special protective compositions for protective polishing car body.

The finish polishing

The finish polishing is a step between restorative and protective finish. This step applies when the paint is still insufficient worn for restorative polishing, but the surface gloss varnish has become less pronounced. In this stage polishing we use the finishing composition of the abrasive materials in order to increase the gloss of the lacquer without removing the surface layer.

Protective polishing

All types of protective polishing our experts perform manually.


Teflon coating is a polymer base and includes polytetrafluoroethylene simple Teflon. Teflon coating enhances Shine and repels not only water but also dirt as Teflon makes the paint smooth. Lifetime Teflon protective polishing is from 2 to 3 months.


Epoxy resins and other polymers included in the composition used polishes. Epoxy polishing has a water and dirt repellent effect, prevents the penetration of various substances in paint, and also protects from weak mechanical effects. Polishes used by our professionals interact with lacquer at the molecular level, it modifies the properties of its surface layer. The validity of this type of polishes may be limited by the effect of compounds for contactless sinks, in case of misuse. Lifetime epoxy polishing to provide the protective properties ranges from 6 to 9 months.

Liquid lacquer

Liquid lacquer specially developed for heavy-duty vehicle. Liquid lacquer – preservative coatings, it put our experts to preserve the integrity of the protective layer on the metal body of the car. Liquid lacquer prevents corrosion in places where there is damage to the paintwork of the car. The gloss retention of the surface of the car body, water-mud-repelling properties and resistance to aggressive environments also inherent in this structure. One important feature of liquid varnish is a high elasticity of the protective film, which can successfully withstand mechanical stress. The service life of the coating is from one to two years.


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