How much is car wash in different countries

How much is car wash in different countries. “Driving”

Excellent washing adds to the car five points to charisma and ten speed. How much is a shower for the machine in different cities and countries.

Car wash in their everyday life comparable to hike in the shower. However, to wash the car still can not every day. However, every driver wants to find a sink cheaper, and not me to judge.

The average cost of services depends on the city and the scale refreshed by the object. To wash a big SUV in Moscow or the car of A-class in the European village – two different stories Continue reading

Computer diagnostics of the car
Computer diagnostics of the car is the process of testing a variety of electronic systems…

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Polishing car body
The influence of the environment over time leads to the destruction of the upper layer…

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The necessary, sometimes indispensable accessory for car roof rack
The owner, if desired, will be able to use your vehicle to perform many operations.…

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