The ranking of the most secure cars passing year

Tesla Model S

Tesla works wonders not only in the field of fuel economy – Model S also very safe: five stars from Euro NCAP and quite a decent average score of 74%, accounting for 82% for the protection of adults.

Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan

Golf has always been the benchmark in its class, because this class is in honor of him and called. And the new Golf Sportsvan continues to set standards of safety, receiving five stars for crash test and the average score in 76,75%, taking into account 87% for the safety of adults and 85% for child safety.

Volkswagen Passat

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Selection of a car

The company ’DS-AUTO» works in the market of used cars more than 3 years. We were among the first who were not just looking for client needs model in Moscow and the Moscow region, and chose the car is in excellent condition, without legal problems, and ensured that the accompanying documents. We are proud that clients turn to us again and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances.

We will help You to successfully choose, carefully check and profitable to buy a used car: conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the technical state and legal assessment, including checking for theft, will offer the necessary related services.

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Emergency service lockpickin

Our company offers emergency opening of locks of any complexity without damaging the door:

– opening of locks

– the opening of the apartments

– opening of cars

– opening garages

– opening of safes

– installation and repair of locks

Our masters will carry out an autopsy of the castle, Nizhnevartovsk, and, in Megion. We work so that the locks on the possibilities retained its functionality. We don’t break the door, we reveal the locks! But if the lock is damaged or it is simply worn out, You will replace the lock.

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Polishing car body
The influence of the environment over time leads to the destruction of the upper layer…

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  Emergency opening of car. Many drivers are familiar with the situation when a vehicle…

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Center East
Audi A3 combines exemplary design with intuitive operation. Audi A3 Sedan combines lean, muscular surfaces…

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