Polishing car body

The influence of the environment over time leads to the destruction of the upper layer coating the body of the car. In order to increase the service life of the paint coating should accurately polishing car body.

The main goal of polishing of the car is to restore the original gloss of the coating.

Polishing machine body creates a protective barrier, which is a barrier to harmful factors, prevents the development of oxidation processes and chemical destruction of the top layer of enamel.

Polishing body gives you the opportunity to get rid of microcracks, various reliefs on the body surface and other defects, Continue reading

Polishing body

Polishing body is divided into several types.

Restorative polishing

The purpose of polishing is to restore the Shine of the paint and the original varnish, during which time ownership of a car is exposed to various external factors.

Factors affecting the paint – from mechanical influences such as dust and dirt, then paint chemical attack of corrosive chemicals. The Polish on the car burns out naturally under the influence of solar radiation.

Restorative polished using abrasives 3M, takes place in three stages, during which polishing machines with special nozzles is sequentially processed by the surface paint and varnish covering Continue reading



Emergency opening of car.

Many drivers are familiar with the situation when a vehicle door slams with the keys inside. Well, if it happens in the city and have the opportunity to go home for the spare pair of keys. But, if the same problem happens on the highway out of town, then come to the aid of our service, which offers a dissection of the vehicle around the clock.

Emergency opening of car is a service provided by our company that will allow You to get into your vehicle without causing mechanical damage. All components of the car will remain safe and sound. Opening car carried out by experienced craftsmen without the use of brute Continue reading

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