Family car mitsubishi grandis specifications

Auto mitsubishi grandis was presented to the public in 2003. Comfortable car for a large family, the producers decided to make an original and attractive.

The car’s appearance attracts the attention of large and stylish headlights. Rear view auto has a number of led lights that make the car attractive. The car can accommodate up to 7 people. And specifications mitsubishi grandis will attract many modern drivers in the world.

The car has good space. In addition, using a folding seat can correctly use the inner space of the car. The beauty of the machine Continue reading

The safest cars in the world

It is important to know what makes a car safe, and what place it is considered the most secure. There is a ranking of the cars made on such an important indicator as security.

What makes a car safe?

It is known that the most important factor “four-wheeled vehicles” – his safety. Define what makes a car safe. Firstly, it affects the class and weight. Than the class of the car above and more than its weight, so it is safer. Wearing the riders in a powerful car at impact will have a relatively smaller overload. Life itself and numerous crash tests confirm this fact. It is safe to say that a full-sized SUV and heavy sedan Executive among passenger cars are tangible Continue reading

Roof rack car

Today, drivers will not surprise a large volume of the Luggage compartment, and the appearance of the same pickup or long wagon is not in harmony with the city. But there is one technical solution, it has caused the revolution in the market of automotive accessories for cars is a car roof rack. Gone are the days when the roof of the car managed to pile a refrigerator, a TV and a wardrobe around the whole car with ropes and all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable improvised mounts. They do not change came modern comfortable trunks.

What we know about the trunks, which are attached to the roof Continue reading

Car wash the best car wash in NEAD not be found!
Every car owner wants his car to look good and neat. Car wash – this…

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Computer diagnostics of the car
Computer diagnostics of the car is the process of testing a variety of electronic systems…

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Polishing car body
The influence of the environment over time leads to the destruction of the upper layer…

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