Tinted car: necessary and sufficient

On Russian roads rides a huge number of cars. Among them are tinted, which through the glass almost nothing is visible, and the so-called “aquarium”, which is fully visible. Which option is preferable – is difficult to answer. However, the toning deserves to dwell on it in more detail and consider its pros and cons.

Believe it or not, — but a car with tinted Windows rarely steal, steal and draw a different kind of Scam. Surely each of you heard about the jams on the roads. Cars with tinted rarely come to the attention of the crooks; they try to avoid them, “do not contact”. This is evidenced by the statistics Continue reading

The ranking of the most secure cars passing year
Tesla Model S Tesla works wonders not only in the field of fuel economy -…

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In the U.S. the ranking of the most reliable cars is dominated by Japanese brands
The Americans put the Scion in the top ranking of the most reliable cars Independent…

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The illuminated area of the door with the logo of the brand of car!
Warranty - 1 year! Led backlight zone doors for Ford cars. Mazda. Hyundai and Mitsubishi…

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