Roof rack car

Today, drivers will not surprise a large volume of the Luggage compartment, and the appearance of the same pickup or long wagon is not in harmony with the city. But there is one technical solution, it has caused the revolution in the market of automotive accessories for cars is a car roof rack. Gone are the days when the roof of the car managed to pile a refrigerator, a TV and a wardrobe around the whole car with ropes and all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable improvised mounts. They do not change came modern comfortable trunks.

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Emergency opening of car.

Many drivers are familiar with the situation when a vehicle door slams with the keys inside. Well, if it happens in the city and have the opportunity to go home for the spare pair of keys. But, if the same problem happens on the highway out of town, then come to the aid of our service, which offers a dissection of the vehicle around the clock.

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The main

How to check the car before buying?

Dear friends!

If You come to our site, you are planning to buy a car, regardless of new or used car you intend to purchase, we offer you to look at the clip 1 channel “Cheap and cheerful”:

Before each person who plans to buy a car, sooner or later the question arises: “How and where to check your favourite car?”

Having extensive experience in the field of inspection of sold cars, we believe that it is necessary after inspection of the vehicle be sure to diagnose the engine and inspect the undercarriage, because the technical condition is no less important than the appearance.

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