Sewing slipcovers for cars

The case for the motorist is not only to protect the original seat upholstery from wear and dirt, but also a wonderful way to enhance the mood of the passengers and yourself, and to modify the style of the car.

Our company “3D PLUSH” performs sewing of covers for cars . at the moment we are the prominent manufacturer of plush covers for car seats in our country. Automotive fabric (fur), which are used in the manufacture of covers, the best and high quality production of the Republic of Belarus.

The range of goods automotive topics of our company covers represented in Russia cars and the whole range of domestic cars. You’ll be pleasantly Continue reading

In Europe called the most reliable used car

Peugeot 207 was called the most reliable second-hand European cars

The study, conducted by the British insurance company Warranty Direct, model Peugeot 207 has been recognized among the most reliable used cars in Europe.

To determine the most reliable car, the experts ranked, taking into account the frequency of breakdowns and the cost of their subsequent elimination. So, assistants Warranty Direct has reviewed more than 20 thousand insurance policies on cars aged three to seven years, published by the European manufacturers, and also compared the causes of complaints of car owners in dealerships Continue reading

The necessary, sometimes indispensable accessory for car roof rack

The owner, if desired, will be able to use your vehicle to perform many operations. In particular we are talking not only about fast and comfortable to move around the city, country roads and so forth, but also on the possibility to carry a particular cargo over long distances. Of course, if you rely only on the cabin or the trunk for transportation of various “stuff”, even a car as a “field” is not able to guarantee delivery of a greater quantity of goods or volume of cargo. Do a few rounds? As an option, Continue reading

The illuminated area of the door with the logo of the brand of car!
Warranty - 1 year! Led backlight zone doors for Ford cars. Mazda. Hyundai and Mitsubishi…

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Center East
Audi A3 combines exemplary design with intuitive operation. Audi A3 Sedan combines lean, muscular surfaces…

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Maternity capital will be allowed to spend on buying a car
The state Duma intends to pass a bill that provides the possibility of sending funds…

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