The illuminated area of the door with the logo of the brand of car!

Warranty – 1 year!

Led backlight zone doors for Ford cars. Mazda. Hyundai and Mitsubishi sets our partner, authorised dealer, LLC “Rolf Khimki” .


Installing on new cars and used cars.

Our products include led the American company Cree, which distinguishes our products from other proposals.

The Company Cree Inc. was founded in 1987 in the state of North Carolina (USA). The main direction of the company was and remains to this day the development and production of semiconductor Continue reading

Computer diagnostics of the car
Computer diagnostics of the car is the process of testing a variety of electronic systems…

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In the U.S. the ranking of the most reliable cars is dominated by Japanese brands
The Americans put the Scion in the top ranking of the most reliable cars Independent…

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Selection of a car in Akari CT
Free consultation Advice on the selection of the car and assess the feasibility of the…

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