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Family car: we’re going, going, going to distant lands

Currently on the car market there is an extraordinary demand for family cars. Now various companies represent a wide range of cars in this category. To choose only one from the entire spectrum of goods — not an easy task. Family car should be roomy, provided certain protection to protect the lives of passengers of all ages and weight classes, to have free access to the rear seats and to be suitable for carrying heavy loads.

We have tried to consider a few cars to choose the most suitable one. Each of the considered machines cost was in the range of 18,000 to 30,000$. These machines were either standard Continue reading

The safest cars in the world

It is important to know what makes a car safe, and what place it is considered the most secure. There is a ranking of the cars made on such an important indicator as security.

What makes a car safe?

It is known that the most important factor “four-wheeled vehicles” – his safety. Define what makes a car safe. Firstly, it affects the class and weight. Than the class of the car above and more than its weight, so it is safer. Wearing the riders in a powerful car at impact will have a relatively smaller overload. Life itself and numerous crash tests confirm this fact. It is safe to say that a full-sized SUV and heavy sedan Executive among passenger cars are tangible Continue reading

Tinting in Odintsovo

One of the main activities of the service “Auto-tonn is a tinted car. For a long time, many years we have gained extensive experience in automotive window film, thanks to our highly skilled craftsmen will produce high-quality, reliable tinting the Windows of your car in the shortest possible time, using films from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our organization provides services tinting and autostyling cars of any class. We replace glass and tinting in Odintsovo, oklejanie car auto vinyl, the styling of the headlights and other parts of the body.

Our masters will always help you to choose the right film for glass Continue reading

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Sewing slipcovers for cars
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In Europe called the most reliable used car
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Emergency service lockpickin
Our company offers emergency opening of locks of any complexity without damaging the door: -…

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