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Car wash the best car wash in NEAD not be found!

Every car owner wants his car to look good and neat. Car wash – this is a regular action to bring your own transport in order. Each of us forgets to wash in the morning and perform other procedures with the goals of health and a good appearance, so for a car that is operated under different conditions, car wash – it is not only the owner but also the prevention of premature destruction of the body.

Many motorists think – why wash the car when it is raining, snow slush on the roads and around the dirt? The results of the wash and will not last a couple of hours. However, in this case, the sink – it is the prevention of the destruction of the body. The dirt Continue reading

Car repair

Car repair is a complex recovery operations health or the health products and resource recovery products and their components.

As applied to automotive products are cars and their units, and parts — assemblies, sub-assemblies and individual parts.

On a number of essential features distinguish the different types of repair.

According to the degree of resource recovery and repair of automobiles can be:



Major auto repair (CR) — repairs performed to restore health and full or close to full recovery resource products to replace or repair any of its parts, including the base.

Repairs Continue reading

The fastest car in the world

Need for speed – your obsession?

In the following article about the fastest car in the world, we will try to cover all information associated with a different speed violators on the road and their iron horses.

A favorite toy for many billionaires is super expensive, but the super fast car in the world. These cars have a select few, the elite of society. These super cars that are stored in expensive garages, are among the best in the unique way, pioneers in their League, and the need for special skills to cope with these cars. Not many have the ability to manage these fast luxury cars in the millions of dollars. Continue reading

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