In the U.S. the ranking of the most reliable cars is dominated by Japanese brands

The Americans put the Scion in the top ranking of the most reliable cars

Independent American magazine Consumer Reports has published a rating of the most reliable and unreliable cars in 2009. 36 seats out of 48 in the ranking of the best machinery from Japan, and South Korea.

18 vehicles from the list of manufactures Toyota, eight – Honda four – Nissan.

The top ten list of the most reliable cars on the version of Consumer Reports is as follows:

Scion youth brand of Toyota)










The publication also published a rating of unreliable cars, which is dominated by American and European brands:

Japanese models are leading in nine of the 10 selected journal categories. The only car-the winner is not from Japan Mercedes-Benz was in the rating of luxury sports cars.

Recall, back in late February, Consumer Reports published a ranking of the best cars of 2009 according to various criteria. Eight positions in the top ten take Japanese cars, and one machine from South Korea and the United States.

Note also that the decline of the American automotive industry has led, in particular, to the fact that the capital automotive USA, Detroit, came to the top of the ranking of the most dangerous cities in the country.

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