In Europe called the most reliable used car

Peugeot 207 was called the most reliable second-hand European cars

The study, conducted by the British insurance company Warranty Direct, model Peugeot 207 has been recognized among the most reliable used cars in Europe.

To determine the most reliable car, the experts ranked, taking into account the frequency of breakdowns and the cost of their subsequent elimination. So, assistants Warranty Direct has reviewed more than 20 thousand insurance policies on cars aged three to seven years, published by the European manufacturers, and also compared the causes of complaints of car owners in dealerships for car repairs.

As revealed in the study, on average, per year goes down 6% Peugeot 207, that is one car from 17. The company Warranty Direct note that since this model was introduced in 2007, the experts were able to collect statistics for warranty repairs only for three years. The average cost of repair for Peugeot 207 UK – 331,92 pound.

Second place in the ranking took a car Fiat Panda, about 14% of owners have complained of breakage, do not fall under warranty case.

The top five leaders close Peugeot 206 CC (17% damage, the average cost of repair – 185,4 GBP), VW Polo (18%, 190,48 lb) and Renault Clio (21%, 173,40 lb).

Least reliable cars experts recognized Mercedes-Benz SL (47% of cases, the cost of repairs – 742,1 GBP), Range Rover (53%, 499,43 lb) Renault Espace (54%, 491,26 lb) Mercedes-Benz S-Class (47%, 505,22 lb) and BMW 7-Series (45%, 514,4 lb).

As noted in the company Warranty Direct, the high cost of repair of these five models was demonstrated by the “seven” BMW – 7239 pounds.

Earlier, in the United States ranked the most reliable car, the first lines of which took cars of Japanese brands Toyota and Honda, each of which are leaders in five categories, and Nissan and Subaru showed the average result among all automakers.

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