How much is car wash in different countries

How much is car wash in different countries. “Driving”

Excellent washing adds to the car five points to charisma and ten speed. How much is a shower for the machine in different cities and countries.

Car wash in their everyday life comparable to hike in the shower. However, to wash the car still can not every day. However, every driver wants to find a sink cheaper, and not me to judge.

The average cost of services depends on the city and the scale refreshed by the object. To wash a big SUV in Moscow or the car of A-class in the European village – two different stories.

“How did you guys wash their cars?” asked on the English forum, the guy who recently moved to Geneva. He was laying on the point in the small alleys and humor: “Well, we run their cars on the street and wait for the rain”. The young man who has raised this issue reasonably said: “Judging from what I see, this method is the closest to reality”.

Really, find out the cost of a car wash in Geneva was not so easy. But the Internet promises that auto Express car wash will cost about CHF 12 (430 rubles), hand washing is 30-50 francs (1070-1780 rubles), and that the car washed on the outside and wiped the dust inside, you will have to pay 100-120 local togrogs, in terms of our money 3600-4300 rubles.

Before you reach for the Corvalol, it is necessary to note two things. First, the guy from the forum is really very close to the truth: machines in Europe for a long time remain clean without washing, and even after the rain. Secondly, to choose among them is the automatic station – manual labor, so familiar in our latitudes, there is valued expensive.

The same idea is confirmed Italy. Car wash self-service here is very popular and cheap. Total wash will cost about 5 euros (about 200 rubles). The principle is the following: for every action with your machine you need to throw in the apparatus a coin of 1 Euro (43 rubles). Pour water – coin, shampoo – another coin, rinse shampoo is the third coin, posushit another throw. For extra Euro machine will cover the car wax. But familiar to us sink in Rome will be three times more expensive – about 15 euros (almost $ 700).

About the same situation in Paris: Express-cleaning – 5 Euro, plus the usual wiping of beauty – 15. Supplement for crossover is 5 Euro. Additional services (for example, to clear a car from bird droppings) – five.

In Berlin an automatic car wash will cost 7-15 euros, hand – approximately 25 (1,100 rubles). By the way, very popular in European cities use services such as graffiti removal from the vehicle. Indeed, in other areas not uncommon in the morning to see my car painted by street artists. In Germany for the elimination samples of their work you will pay about 30 euros (1,300 rubles).

Car wash in Vienna will cost about 15 euros (660 rubles). Extra charge for SUV about 2 euros, the same processing rugs. Of course, there are washing more expensive, but their “complex” includes, as a rule, not only the shampoo and water, and clean the interior plus polishing body wax. This automatically raises the price until at least 60 euros (2,600 rubles).

If not be limited to Europe and to move, for example, in Washington, the sink will cost, on average, at 17-18 dollars (550-600 rubles). In Sydney it will be cheaper: Express car wash stands 12 Australian dollars (360 rubles), normal is about 20 (600 rubles). Residents of both cities are not ashamed to use coupons, discounts, and other benefits of civilization. For example, the Sydney washes in rainy weather, as well as in men and women days guaranteed discount.

Residents of Beijing are lucky, perhaps most of all. Wash the car in this city is from 20 to 60 yuan (100-310 rubles). The price depends on the type of wash (automatic or manual), district, type of vehicle and the availability of the customer card.

So many cars you can wash for 1000 rubles*


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