Family car: we’re going, going, going to distant lands

Currently on the car market there is an extraordinary demand for family cars. Now various companies represent a wide range of cars in this category. To choose only one from the entire spectrum of goods — not an easy task. Family car should be roomy, provided certain protection to protect the lives of passengers of all ages and weight classes, to have free access to the rear seats and to be suitable for carrying heavy loads.

We have tried to consider a few cars to choose the most suitable one. Each of the considered machines cost was in the range of 18,000 to 30,000$. These machines were either standard or electronic stability control; side airbags, which help in collisions; a folding seat so that they could put any load; rear view mirror different configurations, suitable for any driver.

So, in the course of our experiment, we concluded that the choice of car for a family depends on the preferences of the family. For example, parents with one child can fit compact car Volkswagen Rabbit classification sedan. But the family of six people, including older members, will fit a larger machine, such as a crossover Saturn Outlook. In this vehicle can fit about seven people.

“Liquid  spending

Due to the fact that fuel prices have increased, to maintain a family savings need to be careful when choosing gasoline. Actually, the safety features are in first place in the list of wishes of consumers. According to research conducted by Ford, about 70% of motorists are interested in in the car was side airbags, and 65 % want was there, and stability control. But to pass the cost of fuel is necessary, because the bigger the family, and, accordingly, the car, the more fuel consumed.

Machine pocket keeps

One of the biggest Saab Sport Combi wagon has a maximum size of Luggage space of about 2 cubic meters This car is very roomy, but at the same time, fuel consumption, it is extremely economical and is approximately 9 liters per 100 km.

Why invented the crossover?

The need for large family cars has led to the creation of an entirely new type of machines — the crossover. They are like ordinary cars, and as comfy as mini—vans (passenger vans) and SUV’s. They are more fuel-efficient than the notorious SUV, but at the same time, less stylish than mini—vans, though, and meet all modern features.

Ford Edge equipped with communications with voice control, as well as the Ford Sync system, including radio cassette player using the Bluetooth and USB. Ford created this system in cooperation with Microsoft. Even crossovers come in various models and sizes. The Ford Edge has no seats, third row, and the Saturn Outlook is. What to choose, to decide, in the end, you.

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