Emergency opening of car.

Many drivers are familiar with the situation when a vehicle door slams with the keys inside. Well, if it happens in the city and have the opportunity to go home for the spare pair of keys. But, if the same problem happens on the highway out of town, then come to the aid of our service, which offers a dissection of the vehicle around the clock.

Emergency opening of car is a service provided by our company that will allow You to get into your vehicle without causing mechanical damage. All components of the car will remain safe and sound. Opening car carried out by experienced craftsmen without the use of brute force, resulting in the locks, as well as packaging glass will remain intact. When penetration is a special tool of Western manufacturers.

I also want to pay attention to what we are doing opening of locks of the vehicle with the smart key, and a faulty alarm. Very often the owners of foreign cars are confronted with the impossibility of getting into the beauty of his own car and perform the movement in case of failure of the chip-keys that work on the principle of the transponder. Our service fleet service performs all necessary actions to restore the health shipovnik keys.

Opening automotive locks is done only in the presence of the owner, who is required to show documents proving ownership.

In order to carry out the emergency opening auto call our hour dispatch center and report the nature of the problem and Your location. Our technical service will debug right can go to You immediately after the call. We also have our own fleet of tow trucks that will allow You to solve the traffic problem.

Finally, some facts why the emergency opening of car made by professionals better than opening the car’s own forces:

• the cost of the broken glass is often much higher than the cost of our services;

• when breaking glass may damage other parts of the car and its interior;

• the cost of broken glass, you need to add the cost of the installation of the new.

• often with self-opening automotive locks the owner is having problems with the insurance company;

Emergency opening of locks, apartments, auto, safes!

Provide services of high quality locks opening of any complexity, any manufacturer. Professional lock opening is carried out by specialists, without violating the mechanisms of the lock and the door.

Save Your nerves, time and money. Call direct now!

Manufacturing of keys, flats, intercom, auto and other

Quickly, qualitatively, with a guarantee will make keys for any locks, apartments, entrances, safes, intercoms, cabinets, lockers and other purposes.


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