Car wash the best car wash in NEAD not be found!

Every car owner wants his car to look good and neat. Car wash – this is a regular action to bring your own transport in order. Each of us forgets to wash in the morning and perform other procedures with the goals of health and a good appearance, so for a car that is operated under different conditions, car wash – it is not only the owner but also the prevention of premature destruction of the body.

Many motorists think – why wash the car when it is raining, snow slush on the roads and around the dirt? The results of the wash and will not last a couple of hours. However, in this case, the sink – it is the prevention of the destruction of the body. The dirt that covers the car in this time of the year, contains chemicals, for example, anti-icing products and other Such substances can react with the paint of your vehicle and thereby to inflict harm. Don’t be surprised if after a long time clearing the dirt under it you will find corrosion and aging paint. This is why washing the car at any time of the year – this is a necessary measure.

Car wash does not cause special problems for the car owner and does not take much time. After washing the car looks good, that will surely please any car enthusiast.

Car wash is carried out in several stages. First wetting the surface of the vehicle, which are special razmahivaya mud compositions. During this procedure, in any case, do not RUB the car with a brush, as contained in the mud particles may leave visible scratches on the body. Then remove the main part of the dirt, oily films and other deposits with application of the special detergent composition. After the car is washed from dirt, it is rinsed with water. Drops on the surface of the car to leave undesirable, when dry they can leave ugly point, and when exposed to bright sunlight can help spot fading of the paint of the car. Winter is especially important to remove moisture from the rubber parts of the door, because otherwise the door can simply “freeze”.

Car washes use special equipment, which allows you to wash your car efficiently and to eliminate all impurities from its surface.

If you want your car to look good and want to protect his body from premature aging and damage – come in “car Repair plant №5» car washes. Professionals auto service centre quickly and efficiently cope with the task and return your car a great look! And our convenient location in the North-East, near the metro “Mar’ina Roshcha” – this is another reason to contact us!

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