Car repair

Car repair is a complex recovery operations health or the health products and resource recovery products and their components.

As applied to automotive products are cars and their units, and parts — assemblies, sub-assemblies and individual parts.

On a number of essential features distinguish the different types of repair.

According to the degree of resource recovery and repair of automobiles can be:



Major auto repair (CR) — repairs performed to restore health and full or close to full recovery resource products to replace or repair any of its parts, including the base.

Repairs auto repairs performed to ensure or restore the health products and consisting of the replacement and / or restoration of the individual parts. By regularity run distinguish repairs — planned and unplanned.

Scheduled maintenance of vehicles repair, the production of which is carried out in accordance with the requirements of normative-technical documentation. Unplanned car repair – repair, production of products which may be implemented without prior appointment.

Unplanned repair is aimed at eliminating the consequences of failures and accidents. Regulating execution provides repairs: regulated and technical condition.

On the basis of the conservation facilities of the repaired parts are distinguished neobespechenii and impersonal methods of repair.

Neobespechenii method — method of repair, which is retained accessory restored parts to a particular instance, i.e., to the instance to which they belonged to car repair.

Impersonal method — method of repair, which is not retained accessory restored parts to a specific instance.


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